Monday, February 23, 2009

There’s humor in the Etiquette Guide for Banks. . . and a message, too.

I know it's totally inappropriate, irreverent and edgy, but I found a blog piece entitled, "A Bailout Etiquette Guide for Banks Looking to Survive 2009". The post in the blog, Wrecking Ball Report, takes a few shots of the cannonball variety at the state of bank marketing. I know their viewpoint is shared by many consumers today. While there's a lot of sarcasm in the piece, there are some nuggets that bank marketers could take to heart. If you are a fan of political satirists such as Bill Maher, then take a look at this colorful piece. If not, stay clear - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! For me, I saw humor in the post. But, there’s a real message behind the facetious remarks. Just look a little deeper and I hope you’ll see it, too.

Here's some sample rhetoric some the post:
  • Try not to talk about anything that actually has to do with banking. If you have to mention something, talk about the thickness of the vault's door.
  • If you’re meeting with anyone in D.C., ride a bike or a unicycle, or . . .
  • Wear a nametag that says "Bob the Banker" no matter what your name is.
  • Consider an architectural makeover - perhaps a two-story mattress or coffee can circa 1931 Maxwell House.
  • "David" from Bangalore will be right with you to assist you with your bailout - a look at outsourced customer service.

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Eric Mack said...

thanks for reading with a smile. I'm actually quite satisfied with my own bank, but think there's a definite case of bailout fatigue out there, which it is, of course, my job to make fun of...

Eric Mack
Managing Editor