Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Arkansas Bank & Trust has gone to
the dogs, but we love’em!!!

With all the bad banking news, here’s one financial you’ve got to love and and love! Or, maybe you could claim that First Arkansas Bank & Trust has gone to the dogs. . . literally! The bank has headed straight for their local animal shelter and found “Cash”, yellow lab who had apparently been hit by a car and has a bum leg. The dog will be the mascot of the kids’ savings account program which will be renamed the Cash Account. The dog left the Jacksonville Animal Shelter for FAB&T on Jan. 29th.

Cash will accompany bank personnel when they visit schools, senior centers, and nursing homes, as well as attending community events. The bank is family-owned and based in Jacksonville, AR with 29 offices.

Larry Wilson, Chairman, President and CEO of FAB&T stated on the bank’s website,
“We have chosen a dog for several reasons. A dog personifies everything that we want our bank to stand for: Trust, Loyalty, Protection and Compassion. These qualities are the same qualities that we want our employees to exude, and that we have lived by for 60 years, and we’re excited to have Cash around as a reminder of our core values.”

Mr. Wilson also went on to say,
“By choosing a shelter animal, we are drawing attention to the overcrowding of animal shelters across not only the state, but across the country. It is during difficult economic times like these that many shelters see an increase in animals turned over to them, as pets are one of the first “non-essentials” that are let go."

Can anyone top this bank marketing story? In fact, this story is too good to let go. I’ll have a follow-up. (Read updated post on 2/22/09 "A Valentine's promotion that will steal your heart."

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Thank you for rescuing an animal who needed a good home.