Sunday, March 30, 2008

Use this annual event to capture prospects’ attention.

What’s the event? It’s National Small Business Week. Since 1963, every President has declared a National Small Business Week to honor the backbone of the nation’s economy. This year, the SBA has slated the event for April 21-25. The SBA has dedicated a website to the event outlining activities and hosting blogs so small business owners can weigh in on issues affecting them.

Whether you have a large budget, small budget or no budget at all, you can take advantage of the event and use it to market to small business prospects. The event gives you the opportunity. . . or excuse. . . to contact prospects and clients. If your budget permits, host a seminar or business open house at your bank. No funds in the budget, or very little? Then compose a simple letter – or email – to prospects telling them about National Small Business Week and the SBA-promoted website . And, don’t forget to tie in a financial product or offer info about your institution. This simple effort will begin to position you as a financial institution who stays relevant. And, more important, it offers information that may help the small business. If you keep up the communiqu├ęs with other news or relevant data, your position will become stronger and your business banker’s name remembered. Next, send them a new stat on healthcare and pitch your HSA program.

We prepared such an email for one client which was personalized by zip code and banker. The email offered a link to the event’s website, as well as to the bank’s website.

Simple events or relevant data in the news can help your bankers easily connect with prospects.