Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flaunt your SBA Preferred Lender status!

If you’ve earned the distinction of being an SBA Preferred Lender, then make sure your prospects and customers know it. And, more importantly, make sure they understand what the designation means to them. . . that you can fast track their SBA loans. Why hide the distinction. It could differentiate you from other lenders. . . especially when other banks don’t have it to offer.

Promote your designation in a big way.
We recently prepared a commercial loan folder, or “leave behind” piece, for a client. An entire piece was devoted to our client being an SBA Preferred Lender. We told what the distinction meant, how it was earned, that it was given to the SBA’s best lenders, and what the designation meant for our customer. We also went on to promote popular SBA loans and why businesses should consider these types of loans.

Sign off with status!
You may even want your lenders to include the SBA Preferred Lender designation in their correspondence sign offs, including their signature lines on emails. A great no-cost method to announce your advantage.

So get out there and wear your SBA Preferred Lender status proudly!