Thursday, February 26, 2009

Incenting bloggers to spread your message.

Dairy Queen is treating bloggers like royalty. They’re trading $5 gift cards for blog posts. Why am I bringing up DQ in a Bank Marketing blog? Because bank marketers need to look beyond their industry for inspiration. . . especially if it’s a great idea that can be transferred to their financial arena.

The corporation claims to have over 200,000 mentions in the blogosphere and they want to sweeten that number with this promotion. DQ launched its own blog, Creating Smiles and Stories, only this month. The blog, which will be written by employees, will include “stories, news, products, events, promotions, DQ in the News, advertising, fun stuff, DQ people in the community, and around the world.” In a Feb. 25th post headlined “We Got A Sweet Deal for You!”, the DQ folks asked the question of bloggers,“what deal you’d make with us to try our Sweet Deals for free?´ The blogger is asked to send an email to DQ with a link to their post. The first 250 bloggers to do so received the gift card. In a matter of hours, DQ had surpassed their goal. In addition, the writer of the best blog post will receive DQ Sweet Deals every week for a year.

This is a very inexpensive promotion for a company the size of DQ. The value of the cards was only $1,250. And, I can guarantee you that their message about their Sweet Deals meals will spread faster than melting soft serve. Their word of mouse was a quick and effective way to launch their blog, too. In upcoming weeks, I’ll examine how bank marketing departments can harness the power of the social media. And, how a little promotion just like DQ’s could get you some positive press.

The company also launched a Twitter account just two days ago. It’s sure to follow the success of their year-old Facebook presence with its almost 85,000 fans.

(Do you suppose this post qualifies me for a DQ treat?)

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