Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bank marketers, take note of Australia’s Individuum. They’re individual, irreverent and marketing to Gen X & Y.

I like these guys. I like their look. . . and I’m not even in their target market – geographically or age-wise! I like their message. While they are not a bank or credit union, Individuum has something to teach bank marketing departments. Individuum is a financial services firm targeting what Australians call superannuation. That’s a compulsory pension plan whereby employers are required to pay a percentage of an employee’s salary into a superannuation fund.

The firm is young, barely a year old. Here’s how their website characterizes Individuum. . .

“Individuum was conceived at the end of 2007, when a group of us agreed that younger investors weren't being 'looked after' by many of the big banks, fund managers or superannuation providers. Sadly, most of the financial products on the market are still being targeted towards Baby Boomers who are on the brink of retirement. But hello, that's not right!!! What about younger investors???

As one of Australia's few young investor focused superannuation providers, we've set out to create an offering that is relevant, easy-to-understand and more in line with the needs of people in the early stages of the investment life cycle.”

Their website is as individual as a fingerprint. In fact, it literally bears that imprint. Besides three different website blogs, a Facebook page and Twitter followers, the firm has launched an Academy of Dreams, a sponsorship program that hopes to uncover musical artists, athletes and educational causes that require, as Individuum says, “a little. . . .well. . .ummm. . . help (if you know what we mean).” And, Individuum promises to educate its customers. . . a favorite goal of mine.

Even their behind-the scenes look at their “team” is ingenious with irreverent profiles of “The Boss”, “The Strategy Guru”, “The Marketing Check”, “Desk Jockey”. . .

Surf their website. I hope you’ll be impressed as I was. And, hopefully, you’ll take away some ideas on how to connect with your younger banking customers.

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