Friday, October 31, 2008

Your private banker in a box!

It’s a low-tech idea for a high-tech world. And, it took the Dutch to come up with it. Amsterdam-based bank, Insinger de Beaufort, launched a private banking service for its high-end clientele. After discussing financial planning with their private banker, clients are then sent a cardboard shoebox by courier every month courtesy of the bank. Clients drop anything admin-related into it. . . unpaid bills, bank statements, receipts, tax returns, insurance docs, even speeding tickets. At the end of the month, Insinger sends a courier to pick up the box and processes the contents. Clients receive notification of the resulting transactions within three business days. Insinger says they are “saving (valuable) clients the time and hassle of dealing with the minutiae of their personal finances.” The shoebox service targets the most profitable, demanding banking customers with a high-cost service rumored to run 415 to 850 euros, or $565 to $1,158 per month, depending on service level. After all, Insinger’s motto is “Uncovering value inch by inch.”

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kenzie jones said...

That is good thing. the private bank sent the box and then all the bills, payments are paid by them on behalf of customer. Its a good service and saves lots of time of the customer.Its old technique but good one.
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